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Talita Ferreira

Talita Ferreira is an experienced C-Suite executive, non-executive director, entrepreneur and thought leader who provides keynote presentations and workshops on topics including building an authentic culture and effective change leadership.

She understands the financial language of business, strategy, and risk as an experienced Chief Financial Officer and balances this with her experience as an Executive Board Director for human resources, helping organisations and leaders to transform. Talita has led and implemented award-winning, cultural transformational programmes for organisations and leaders in the financial services and automotive sectors, within global brands and multiple countries.

Talita uses her C-Suite executive experiences of over 22 years with global brands ( including: KPMG; Investec Bank; and BMW) to tailor her talks and ensure maximum benefit for her audiences. She includes practical elements that can be implemented in everyday leadership and change. She engages the audience through questions and relevant stories from her corporate interactions.

In her time as a corporate leaders she led a financial services company through the 2008 crisis; a change in leadership; and helped the organisation transform strategically. She understands the language of finance and risk, strategic visioning and delivery, diversity an inclusion and knows how to engage an organisation's human capital to drive success. She is author of The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®, which captures her experiences of working with thousands of leaders to increase their confidence and help them become inspiring leaders.

In December 2018 Talita launched her new online training platform,  Finance Inspired 4 Success, focused on finance leaders providing accredited CPD training to help them transform their leadership and people dynamics approach.

Talita is South African born and has held various leadership positions in diverse cultures and understands the power of connecting with different audiences.

She uses her passion, authenticity and enthusiasm to impact her audiences and provide thought provoking content.