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René Carayol

René CarayolRené Carayol is an internationally renowned business guru and media personality whose focus is on inspirational leadership and culture, bound together with a compelling philosophy founded on his own board level experience.

René Carayol believes that extraordinary times demand extraordinary leadership and the “off the shelf” solutions simply no longer prepare organisations for what lies ahead, regardless of their sector or industry. Everybody thinks their leadership team is strong enough in times of success. But is it fit for purpose when the going gets tough? If ever there was a time for leadership to set the vision and instill confidence, it is now. It has become a business imperative to ensure organisations have the necessary attitudes and leadership in place in order for them to continue to thrive. René draws from his own unique experiences on the boards of the biggest British and American organizations; from Marks & Spencer and Pepsi to IPC Media and the Inland Revenue.

He is the best selling author of the leadership and culture bible, “Corporate Voodoo” and has had the privilege of working closely with some of the world's best leaders; from former US President Bill Clinton to the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and from former US Secretary of State Colin Powell to Sir Richard Branson.

René is a regular broadcaster for the BBC and has presented the influential “Pay Off Your Mortgage In 2 Years” series, BBC2's flagship business offering “The Money Programme” and the critically acclaimed “Mind Of A Millionaire” and “Man From The Met” documentaries. He is a broadsheet columnist, a frequent voice on Radio 5 Live and a regular expert commentator on Sky News and BBC Breakfast.

He has provided leadership support to the likes of the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, the Home Office and McKinsey and Co, and is now an accomplished Visiting Professor at Cass business school. In 2004 he was awarded an MBE for outstanding service to the business community.

It is this unrivalled business acumen that has seen René facilitate and host conferences all over the world and provide board level mentoring and master classes to some of the world's largest corporations; establishing a plethora of globally renowned names in his client portfolio in the process.

René asks awkward and uncomfortable questions. How do you change old-fashioned, risk-adverse processes that are ill suited to emerging global markets? How do you secure and nurture the talents of a new generation of leaders? How do you overcome cynicism and complacency, and replace them with resolve?

René has built his reputation on knowing businesses better than they do themselves; providing answers and solutions no matter how big or small the problems that simmer below the surface.

His messages are practical, real life experiences presented with electrifying effect. He both shakes up and inspires his audiences, showing them not only what lies within their grasp but when to grasp the nettle; keeping them one step ahead of the chasing pack.


  • Leading Through Turbulent Times

  • Culture Is More Powerful Than Strategy

  • Managing A Little Less... Leading A Little More

  • What Do You Stand For?

  • When Your Heritage Is Not Your Destiny

  • Hire With Fire

  • Continue To Do What You Do Best And Partner To Achieve The Rest


“René was instrumental in leading the organisation's global HR team through a change process in which they not only saw a new vision for their work but really felt it at deep visceral level. By the end of the conference, I think the organization had started its journey for change. He was amazing- THE reason the conference was a success.”

“He mingles with the audience/delegates at pause/break times and gets a real-time sense of what they are feeling and what they want to hear from the panel or interviewees, and then can direct the following sessions to take account of those where necessary and possible. Can you imagine how connected that makes the audience feel at the end of the event? And a happy audience means a happy client, means a happy everyone.”
World Bank

“Your presentation was a true highlight of the program. I was particularly impressed by your clear and relevant messages – but also how effective you were at tying them back to the real issues that we as an organization and as a function are addressing. I do not think I have seen it done so well before.”
BAE Systems

“Thank you for a fabulous session. You engaged with the whole crowd, said some powerful things and left us with quite a challenge to make our mark! In the words of one of the Execs, you ‘absolutely captivated the audience'. You are truly inspirational.”
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

“René is a real business enthusiast and very quickly understood what Canon wanted to communicate to a large group of European journalists at a recent event. In particular, he helped to strengthen some of our core messages by acting as a conversational mediator between some of our spokespeople. René helped to highlight key points on business subjects such as integration and partnership, which helped to create standout and clarity to our audience.”
Canon Europe