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Oscar van Weerdenburg

Oscar van WeerdenburgOscar van Weerdenburg is an expert in the field of cross cultural management, leadership development and negotiations. He is known for his sharp, colourful and humorous way of capturing cultural differences and suggesting ways to reconcile them in a business context.

Oscar van Weerdenburg is a seasoned trainer, speaker and consultant and has held over a 1000 workshops and presentations for more than 40 multinational organizations on successfully managing cultural differences. He frequently acts as visiting professor in the Executive Education Programs of INSEAD, and has lectured at the Michigan Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management. In 2008 he received an award for Lecturer of the Year from Chalmers University in Sweden.

A Dutch national and graduate of Amsterdam and Heidelberg universities, Oscar van Weerdenburg started his career as a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. He has published numerous articles on intercultural management, literature and philosophy and for many years wrote for de Volkskrant, one of the major daily newspapers in the Netherlands.

In 1992 he joined the full-time staff of the Centre for International Business Studies and thus began a close collaboration with Fons Trompenaars. He has acted as a trainer and consultant to a wide range of international companies who are aware that they are operating in a complex multicultural environment. They include AT&T, British Airways, Daimler Chrysler, Elf Aquitaine, Jones Lang, La Salle, Motorola, Nissan, Norsk Hydro, Royal Dutch Shell and Thomson.

In 1996 Oscar van Weerdenburg established his own company; Intercultural Business Improvement (IBI), specialising in cross-cultural training and consultancy. IBI's goal is to assist people at all levels in an organisation in developing an integrative, cross-cultural, perspective for their own work and that of their companies. Oscar assists companies in their merger processes, using a range of instruments to analyse the dilemmas they face due to their different corporate and national cultural backgrounds. He helped a Dutch multinational integrate the Dutch and Belgian parts of its organisation by analysing the organisational differences and associated national cultural differences, and by developing scenarios on the cultural issues to be managed, depending on different degrees of integration. His work also covers aspects of remote management, its dilemmas and how to turn them for organisational advantage.

Oscar van Weerdenburg is one the most frequently invited guest speakers on cultural issues at large international corporate conferences. He is a highly effective and popular speaker who is able to present in English, German and Dutch.


  • Managing across cultures

  • Managing through mergers -integrating corporate and national backgrounds

  • Cultural dilemmas and how to solve them

  • Managing international relationships

  • The characteristics that make you cross culturally competent

  • How can you benefit from cultural diversity

  • Effective global training, learning and education

  • Remote management

  • International Negotiation

  • Negotiating Across Cultures