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Oren Yakobovich

Oren YakobovichOren Yakobovich is an award winning social entrepreneur and a charismatic and inspiring keynote speaker with proven experience in establishing organizations and projects that function sustainably in high-risk environments at the intersection of humans and technology.

Drawing on knowledge and expertise gained through his military-intelligence background, combined with years of experience in the field of human rights, he has worked in the most challenging environments to create efficient, low cost, sustainable organisational models. These models, in turn, can be adapted for performance and success in the business world.

In 2008 Oren co-founded Videre, an international human rights NGO that equips oppressed communities in hard-to-access areas with cameras, technology and training to safely and effectively expose violence, human rights violations and other systemic abuses. As Videre CEO, Oren manages operations across three continents.

He is often called upon to brief civil society, governments, international organisations and media decision-makers, on methods of using technology to expose human rights violations.

Oren's innovative models challenge the structure of mainstream media and the classic profit-business-model and offer a refreshing point of view on how to build and run a business.

Topics include:

  • establishing a sustainable business model
  • operating across cultures in high-risk environments
  • implementing research tools and techniques used by intelligence agencies to stay abreast of the latest market developments
  • conducting detailed risk assessments to analyze current friction points and emerging issues.

As well as his keynote speeches, Oren facilitates executive level conversations on how to craft a business culture and organizational DNA to apply across geographies and cultures as well as how to motivate employees to extend beyond their perceived.

His TED talk has reached over a million views and he is in demand as a mentor and inspiration for organizations and business leaders across the world.

Oren's work has won several awards, including the BBC's One World Media Award and the International Media Award's Cutting Edge Prize. In 2014 he was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship in recognition of this work.