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Nando Parrado

Nando ParradoNando Parrado Andes Airplane Crash Survivor talks candidly about his experiences in the Andes and how it has affected him. He captivates and amazes audiences with his personal account of the events after the crash and explains how camaraderie and relationships is the key to survival. A truly emotional and inspiring speaker.

Nando Parrado is one of the survivors of the dramatic airplane crash on October 13, 1972 when a plane carrying a Uruguayan boys rugby team over the Andes lost its bearings in bad weather and crashed in the remote mountains. Despite spending 74 days on a glacier at 18,000 ft, without suitable clothing, training, equipment or supplies and against all odds Nando walked out of the mountains to raise the alarm to save his stranded companions. "It is better to decide and make a mistake, that not to decide. There is always time to turn back".

Nando Parrado was born in Montevideo, Uruguay into a middle-class family. He was the older brother of Susana and younger of Graciela. From an early age, he demonstrated special skills for sports and excelled in Rugby, where he became captain of the college team.

In 1972 he made a trip to Chile for the occasion of an international encounter of Rugby. Unfortunately, the flight never arrived at its destination; it crashed tragically at 18,000 feet in the Cordillera de los Andes. The two and a half months that followed changed his life completely. His mother and younger sister passed away in the accident, and Nando made a superhuman effort, and survived for 72 days, finding his way out of the Andes, after 11 days of snowy marathon trek.

Soon after the rescue of the survivors, thanks to the epic passage of the Andes of Nando Parrado and his friend Roberto Canessa, he worked with Piers Paul Read to write the world best seller "ALIVE", and 20 years later was the technical advisor in the production of the film "ALIVE" where he was interpreted by Ethan Hawke.

Since his ordeal Nando has achieved great personal success. He is the president of his own company, Selar Parrado, S.A. and founder of two television production companies. He is an active member of the Young Presidents Organization and has previously served as the chapter president in Uruguay. In addition, he has won numerous motorcycle, auto racing and watercraft awards including the European Team Cup for stock car racing with wins in Pergusa, Italy and Silverstone, England. In 1991, Nando spent 28 days crossing the Sahara Desert, a journey of more than 8,500 km, from Morocco to Tunisia. He has also won the Open Watercraft Championship held in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

A truly remarkable story and inspirational speaker whose clients include ABN Amro Bank, Banco CCF Brasil, Banco Santander, Fidelity Investments, American Express, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, VISA International, Dell Computers, IBM, Laboratorios Ingelhem Manheim, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Motorola, Cisco Systems CIO Summit, EDS Inner Circle Sales Achievement, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems International Sales Incentive Conference, Los Angeles Advertising Agency Association, National Athletic Trainers Association, Wharton School of Business, The Global Institute for Leadership Development., Society for Human, Resource Management: SHRM, High Performance Forum: Milan, APD Bilbao, Harvard Club, HR Southwest Human Resources (Conference and Exposition), Linkage Incorporated to name but just a few.


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