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Martin Roll

Martin RollMartin Roll is a world-renowned thought-leader on value creation through brand equity driven by tremendous global experience and insights. He facilitates business leaders and organizations to think bold for future strategies. By focusing on building and managing successful businesses through iconic brands, Martin Roll helps boardrooms to enhance shareholder value and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Martin Roll delivers the combined value of an experienced international business strategist and senior advisor to corporate boards and marketing executives of the world's largest companies including many corporations in Asia. He brings more than 20 years of management experience. Martin Roll holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Martin is not only a highly accomplished speaker and presenter but as well a talented and well trained moderator of panel discussions and roundtables. He is a valuable contributor to any senior management discussion on the subject of leadership, innovation, growth, organizational excellence and brand equity, its close link to management and how it drives outstanding performance through shareholder value.

He strides the industry-academia continuum and delivers superior value to his global audiences. Every year, he travels 500,000 miles on all continents and speaks at more than 100 global top-level conferences. He is a frequent guest lecturer at INSEAD, Nanyang Business School, CEIBS and several other global business schools.

Martin is the author of the global bestseller Asian Brand Strategy, a very compelling book of frameworks for Asian branding and the winning formula for any boardroom. Asian Brand Strategy was named “Best Global Business Book” by Strategy+Business magazine. He is a weekly business columnist with Forbes and is often quoted in global media such as BBC World, CNN, CNBC, Asian Wall Street Journal and others. In 2010 he was voted “no.1 Brand Guru” among The World's Top 30 Brand Professionals.

Martin Roll is currently writing two new global management books. The first one will look at the important interface between branding, leadership and strategy, and the role of the CEO. The second will discuss the role and position of the Chief Marketing Officer in management, which is set to change dramatically in the future.

Martin is a Danish citizen, currently based in Singapore.


  • Creating successful and competitive business strategies

  • Financial value creation and strengthening market position through iconic brands and branding

  • Branding Excellence; driving shareholder value

  • Brand Equity and Leadership

  • Brand Leadership; the role of the executive team

  • Asian Brand Strategy; a new paradigm for the boardroom

  • The Rise of Asian Brands; threats and opportunities

  • The Chief Marketing Officer