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Marc Hogan

Marc HoganMarc Hogan a sales & communications trainer became an Edinburgh Festival comic in less than 12 months - all to win a £1 bet. An ex-sales and marketing professional with over 14 years experience, Marc's Funny Business, S.A.L.E.S. and Inspirational Communication programmes have inspired audiences to seek out opportunities, tackle challenges and improve their communication and influencing skills.

From sales and communication skills trainer, to stand up comedian in less than 12 months, Marc Hogan fuses psychology, common sense, and humour with real life business examples and tales from the comedy circuit that engage with any audience.

In August 2008, while giving a talk to a business audience, a fellow speaker Jim Lawless, of Taming Tigers fame told Marc that he was “quite funny”. But would a paying audience who expect – nay, demand - laughs, think the same? “So, you want me to do an open mic spot at a comedy club then?” Marc replied, “Right you are!” But that was far too easy a challenge. Surely a professional speaker, used to playing big audiences, and sometimes even getting a laugh, should set his sights higher… or at least further North. He was bet £1 that he couldn't put on a successful show at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The bet was on and Marc had less than 12 months to perform a 1 hour comedy show for 21 nights at the world's largest comedy festival.

And so it began; the open spots, the sleepless nights, the laughs, the silences, the boos, the booze, and the endless, endless writing, rewriting, rephrasing and finding different words for what became the biggest challenge of Marc's life. Marc's only weapon in the cut throat world of comedy was his 7 Keys for Success, developed during 10 years of business experience. His journey into comedy, complete with setbacks, triumphs and even a few tears and tantrums, shows just how the skills of stand up comedy can help you change the way you do business.

Marc has used his expertise from what he learnt in the comedy circuit, allied to his business experience, to produce 3 distinctive presentations;

Funny Business: What comedy taught me about business and what business taught me about comedy incorporating his 7 Keys to Success.


Whether you are conscious of it or not, we all sell everyday. Some of us are paid to sell a product or service to our customers, others need to present our ideas to the Board, ask for a pay rise, or even try to convince our children to eat their greens. Marc's 5 steps S.A.L.E.S. system will inspire your team, improve their communication skills and increase their sales. It will also ensure that they and their customers enjoy the process a whole lot more!

Inspirational Communication

We all know that we communicate with our body, voice and words but what about our attitude? Your attitude to presentations, meetings, customer service, networking, negotiations or even other people, affects your body, voice and words and more importantly, how the person you are communicating with perceives you!

In his dynamic and interactive presentations which can be used as a conference keynote or after dinner speech, Marc utilises cutting edge psychological techniques complemented by good old fashioned common sense, to leave audiences excited and energised, ready to put their improved communication skills to use back in the work place.

His clients have included: Tesco, Barclays, Volkswagen, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BAA, Virgin Media, KPMG, Select Group, Bechtel and many more.


"Amazing! Marc challenged, provoked and entertained our International Technical Team, no mean feat since the 20 high ranking delegates were from all over Europe and Asia. We all left the training with a new perspective and we have all put the skills to good use since the event!"
Liz Kynoch - Group Technical & Trading Law Director, TESCO plc

"Marc was our guest speaker at our parties to celebrate becoming the National Customer Service Team of The Year. It was really going to take something special to engage this team. Marc was able to provide a fresh spark of inspiration and provoke people to think beyond their favoured ways of thinking. Engaging, energetic and inspirational - great stuff!"
Richard Brown - Head of Operations, BAA (Heathrow Express)

"The feedback we have had from participants has been extremely positive and some of your techniques could be witnessed in action during the day and later in the evening. We have all come away from the day feeling energised, motivated and more connected as a group. We really value the input you had into making this day a success."
Gwyn Griffiths - National Risk Manager, Deloitte

“Excellent, a very entertaining presentation with substance!”
Stefan Lissner – Head of Investor Relations, Q-Cells SE (Germany)

“Marc presented, at our International Sales Meeting, an interesting, captivating, and at the same time funny, session. The 90 minutes was well thought out and well balanced between speaking, involving the audience and having fun, whilst at the same time giving us a strong message. The whole group took away a better understanding on how we are perceived. Marc's story strengthened our confidence and enabled us to believe in our capabilities, both as people and representatives of the company. We are grateful to Marc for coming to Italy to share his experiences and knowledge with us.”
Angelo Speranza CEO, Burlodge Group-temp-rite International - FIMI