About Speaker Ideas

Eithne Jones of SpeakerideasSpeaker Ideas is run by Eithne Jones, who has over 15 years of experience in providing speaker ideas to corporate and institutional clients since setting up in Tokyo in 1996 as ‘Jones Associates – Sharing the Power of Ideas’.

Based out of Amsterdam,  Speaker Ideas works with globally active clients and speakers right from the initial planning stages through to the speaker evaluation after the event.  Once we know roughly your overall theme, audience, objective of the gathering and available budget, we provide you with a list of candidates to consider.  We’re proud of our track record in working with speakers who can deliver outstanding presentations and matching them to the specifics of your brief.

We are constantly updating and refreshing our database of speakers to match the changing needs of our clients.  This site is designed to give you an idea of how we work and a sample of the speakers that we can provide.  Not all of the several hundreds of speakers that we work with around the world are included here.  If you can’t find who you are looking for here, don’t worry,  drop us an e-mail and we’ll respond immediately.  Some speakers are exclusively listed with other bureaus, in which case we co-broker for you, so you get all of the extra service at no extra cost.  And in case you’re looking for one of the small number of speakers with whom we cannot co-broker, we’ll let you know how to get in touch with them.

About Eithne Jones

Born in Roscommon, Ireland, Eithne studied Japanese & International Marketing at Dublin City University. After spending her 3rd year in Tokyo as an exchange student she was determined to return to Japan immediately after graduation, and spent two years in the public sector in Kawaguchi City (30 mins north of Tokyo), as a Coordinator of International Relations for its City Hall. She became a link between the local government and the foreign population in that industrial city, as well as an interpreter for visiting dignitaries and cultural groups. It gave her ample opportunity to organize different types of cross-cultural events and to hone her sense of humour. She spent a further two years in Japan with a small consulting & training organisation where she helped develop tailored business communication programs for executives from Japan’s top 100 companies. During these years she also gained experience in journalism, covering Japanese events for local and Irish newspapers.

In 1996, Eithne saw an opportunity in Japan for a speaker bureau that would provide not just Japanese but also local and overseas-based foreign guest speakers for Japanese conferences and events. Her clients have included all of Japan’s major newspaper groups, the larger Japanese corporations as well as local government institutions throughout Japan and multinationals with branches in that country.

Four years later she moved to the Netherlands and established a base near Amsterdam from where Speaker Ideas has expanded its network of clients and speakers. Since then it has worked with clients and speakers on every continent.

Outside of her business Eithne is also a Board member of the Ireland Netherlands Business Association, reads a great deal, loves movies, country living, and according to her husband, Karel van Wolferen, (www.karelvanwolferen.com) she is a very fine cook. She is furthermore known among intimates as a fine interpreter of Irish folk-songs when the occasion calls for them.