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Dominique De Villepin

Dominique De VillepinDominique De Villepin former Prime Minister for France (2005-2007) is a reformist leader in French, European and global policy and a champion of peace and justice in the world. A man with vision and experience whose thoughts for the future come from a context of intense thought and deliberation.

Dominique de Villepin is the former Prime Minister of France from 2005 – 2007. He is one of the foremost advocates of a new global governance based on multilateralism, and a reformist leader in French, European and global policy.

Following a career as a diplomat he became renowned throughout France and the rest of the world for his views on peace and justice. He was a leader in promoting a policy of multilateralism through global governance. He was also active in reform for both French and European global policy. He was also the voice of France and the international community during the Iraq crisis and is best known for his stirring UN speech against the Iraq war in 2003, in the name of the values of an “old country, France”.

Dominique's skills developed during his years in the diplomatic service and as Minister of the Interior. These skills enabled him to formulate strategies and find solutions to deal with the problems, conflicts and violence in the French suburbs, which he brought under control by invoking a state of emergency at the end of 2005 through to dealing with the regional conflicts of Africa and the Middle East.

In France, he was a champion for the people working to provide solutions for unemployment and he led the “battle for jobs”. This produced a historic reduction of approximately 20% in the unemployment rate during his time in office.

Dominique de Villepin, who was born in North Africa and spent his early years in South America, is a man of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres who is keen to build bridges between these two worlds. His ideal is to promote further understanding and develop a unity between the two. He is also a man with a political and intellectual mission, which he has brought to the world stage and has written about in political, historical and literary works: to defend an ambitious and original vision of man and his constantly changing world.

He is an active writer and an advocate for the defense of identity and the dialogue of cultures, both of which are indispensable requirements for peace and stability.

Currently running for French President he says he want to “unite” the country with a non-partisan presidency for “exceptional times”.