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Chantal Cuer

Chantal CuerChantal Cuer a communications expert and facilitator fluent in French and English is an established authority on cultural differences. An experienced chairperson whose charming personality, wit and wisdom makes for a relaxed yet forthright presence for senior executive meetings for multinational corporations, international conferences, as well as for the European Commission.

Chantal has worked extensively with the BBC on both radio and television. She was originally Editor of European Programmes at BBC World Service. She is the only non-Briton to have anchored Radio 4's “The World This Week”. In addition she has presented Radio 4's "French Experience", BBC2's "France Means Business" and "Telejournal" - the European business review. She also launched and presented "The Europeans" - an analysis of Eastern and Western Europe.

Chantal was the original host of Channel 4's erudite late night discussion show, After Dark.

As an expert communicator Chantal has facilitated many complex issues such as the Bio-ethics and the Journalistic-ethics debates for the European Union (EU). Her knowledge of Europe and her understanding of its cultural differences has led her to chair other EU conferences and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) lectures. She has chaired European Commission conferences such as "Training of Women in Information Technology" and "Employment and Unemployment in Europe". She has lectured for the Department of Trade and Industry offering guidance to businessmen on cultural differences throughout Europe.

Chantal Cuer's other corporate and political work over the last few years includes regular projects in Europe and the USA for companies such as American Express, ICL, IBM, VISA, Ford, AT&T, Ingres, Carnaud Metal Works, Amdahl, Galileo and Rank Xerox.