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Ana María Llopis

Ana Maria LlopisAna María Llopis is a visionary innovative entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and expertise in new technologies and finance.

Ana María Llopis created ideas4all and Openbank (part of Banco Santander, leading Internet bank in Spain and second in Europe at the time it was launched).

Ana María has great experience in new technologies and the Internet and has a unique way of looking at things. She has the perspective of a person Venezuelan-born, with a US scientific background and experience with European and international business practice.

She was Chairwoman of Viaplus and Razona, as well as Executive Vice-President at Indra. Ana María Llopis currently belongs to the Supervising Councils of ABN AMRO Bank, British American Tobacco and Service Point. She has also been Managing Director of Reckitt-Benckiser, making her a major figure of international banking and business and has held various management positions in companies such as P&G, Playtex, Schweppes and Banco Banesto. She is also a strategic Advisor to esure, a leading Internet insurance company in the UK. She is also vice-president of the José Félix Llopis Latin American Art Foundation, and has been a part of the Board of Consultants for Electronic Administration to the Spanish Ministry of Public Administrations since 2006.

Ana María has received recognition and awards such as the International Women's Forum “Women who make a difference” award 2007, in Chicago. Leader of the IWF leadership program 2007-2008, she was also mentioned by The Times as one of the 100 most influential executives in the UK, and, in 2005, The Mail ranked her 24th on its list of most influential women in the UK. She won Openbank's Award for Financial Executive of the year in 1995, and Institut Catalá's Donna award in 1997, as well as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001.

Ana Maria is one of the most outstanding speakers on finance, innovation and internet around the world. “I have also been the first woman for many posts in my professional career. I am proud of opening the route for other women. I also believe that diversity will be a clear differentiator for this new century, especially for global companies such as British American Tobacco.”

She has been part of national and international conferences, Meetings, MBAS, Business Forums and Universities. She has written articles for several Spanish newspapers and Magazines as well as chapters on Corporate Governance and Women in the Spanish economy.

She graduated with a Summa Cum Laude Physics Major, and Mathematics Minor at Maryland University, College Park MD, US in 1972, and in 1977 was awarded a Cum Laude PhD and MS in Materials Science Engineering University of Berkeley, California.


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