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Dominic Alldis

Dominic Alldis As founder and CEO of Music & Management, Steinway Artist and a Professor at the Royal Academy of Music, Dominic Alldis combines decades of experience as an international musician with 15 years of facilitating innovative learning experiences for business using the metaphor of music.

Dominic is a multi-talented and versatile musician and performer, equally at home conducting symphony orchestras, improvising at the piano with bands and teaching students in the world's finest conservatoires. He moves freely between contrasting musical worlds and combines a prestigious classical music heritage with extensive experience as a jazz band-leader and improviser.

As an artist exploring the synergy between different musical cultures, Dominic is uniquely placed to bring his insights to the contemporary business world, with its need to maintain the ‘classical' values of excellence and teamwork, while fostering the ‘jazz' values of adaptability, disruption and innovation.

As a business speaker, Dominic has worked with many of the world's leading companies and business schools to create powerful musical experiences for executives. These events explore a range of key business concerns: leadership, collaboration, creativity and innovation, listening, decision-making, talent-management and the pursuit of excellence.

His thought-provoking and transformative presentations often feature live musicians, ranging from large symphony orchestras to more intimate string quartets and jazz bands, depending on the size and key themes of the event. 


Testimonials "Time and time again, an absolute highlight of our leadership development program is the interlude session with you, Dominic. The chance to sit among an orchestra, to experience the interplay, the connection, the artistry of the musicians is an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Even more powerful are the business insights our leaders gather during the session. Through your delicate facilitation and wonderfully eloquent commentary as maestro, our leaders gain new insights into the power of the podium, the impact of their leadership and importance of truly listening. Quite literally Dominic, you are helping us transform leadership here at eBay." Beth Axelrod
 Senior Vice President, Head of Global HR
eBay Inc.

"Learning about leadership through music is one of the most creative learning experiences I have ever had. The combination of beautiful music and Dominic's excellent ability in translating the orchestra's experience into everyday business leadership experiences is a unique and powerful opportunity for anyone who participates. I have been privileged to be a past participant but I feel equally privileged to bring this to my colleagues at Morgan Stanley. It is a beautiful, moving and educational experience. Bravo!.." Ellen Shedlarz Managing Director, COO, Talent Management Group MORGAN STANLEY

"We were delighted with the very special "Intermezzo" you provided for our executive development program, Maestro: Orchestrating Client Value. Your session had just the impact we wanted, using music as a metaphor to demonstrate key leadership principles. Your creative use of Juilliard students with whom you had no previous history had an added benefit: their fresh talent was truly inspirational and you were able to demonstrate how leaders establish credibility through a shared language and respect for each other's capabilities. An excellent demonstration of the power of effective communications! Your session was amongst the highest rated aspects of our program…" Elaine Holland
 Director, Strategic Sourcing, WPP GROUP USA

"By using the conductor of an orchestra as a metaphor for leadership of an organization, Dominic Alldis delivers a brilliant elaboration on the notion of "organized chaos", an oxymoron shared by both the business and the musical world. Indeed, these two fields need the right balance of rationality and imagination. In addition, Dominic provides a superb illustration of this concept by reconciling structure and creativity in the elegant pieces of jazz music he performs during his presentation…" Concetta Lanciaux Adviser to the Chairman Executive Vice President Synergies, LVMH